Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My last day in Singapore, 7/7/09

Today is my last day in Singapore. Here are some parting shots of my last day. I have enjoyed my visit and am looking forward to coming back next summer and taking a side trip to another Southeast Asian country. Many thanks to my host David who was very patient in showing me around his beloved country.
The shop where I had 2 back massages and a foot massage.
A Nina look alike in Singapore.

The food court near the hotel where I ate many of my meals. There are many stalls and each has extremely small kitchen space. They are operated individually and is the peoples own business. There was also a delicious bakery here where they made everything right there. Meals here were only $3-4 Singapore dollars. Thats about 2-3 American dollars.
Outside entrance to food court. This was all open air but with a roof over it.
Airport in Singapore
Waiting in Atlanta to go to Singapore, 6/24/09. Time sure flys.
Cleaning the beach in Singapore
Changi International Airport Terminal, Singapore
The many ships waiting to get in the port.
Another view of Chinatown
One of many tolls to use downtown roads. (Electronic Road Pricing)
One of many underground expressway tunnels.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Penang Boat Trip

Captain David!!!
A big dead jellyfish

Many people enjoying Monkey Beach, but no monkeys!!
The only way to get to Monkey beach was by walking or by boat, we chose boat.
Part of the beach without boats on it.
Sumptuous BBQ food! "Setiap" which means DELICIOUS in Malay!!!
David, my host checking out the anchor.

The boat that brought us to Monkey Beach at Penang Natl Park.
Cutting up the bait

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Penang, Malaysia

We arrived at Peanag on Friday, July 3rd. On saturday we took a tour around the island and saw many of the back roads and villages. Along the coast is more resort like. Today we are taking a boat tour of the national park seashore and getting out to enjoy the beaches. More pics to come later. Happy 4th of July!!!
Village street with temple in background
Rice terraces
Buddist temple
Village street
Very hilly countryside here, but hazy
Looking down on village from hilltop
A poor family home on stilts
Tasting a local fruit called durian, tastes like custard, mmmm.
Market along road
Waterfall, fresh water coming down from mountain top, also swimming hole

Fishing boat
Planning the days itinerary on hotel patio
Arrival in Penang

The Singapore Riverfront

Floating staduim
Casinos being built
Restaurants along riverwalk
Fresh fish for dinner anyone?
Shops and restaurants
The famous Merlion at entrance to river, downtown in back

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chinatown in Singapore

Yes, there is a Chinatown in Singapore, with many restaurants and local merchants.